Jesus Divine Mercy

On Love

I encourage you to invite Jesus into your life. Jesus came to lead us all to think, act, talk and be in love. To love God, each other and to love ourselves. He came to give hope to those who were struggling, including you right now troubled by the effects of coronavirus. We are all created in love. To describe Jesus in one word: it would be love. The world could really do with more love right now as there is so much suffering. Be like Jesus, be light to the world. Live in love. Every interaction you have forms a chain reaction. He will help you along the way.

Jesus is real and so is Heaven. “Jesus loves you too, and all the human race. He offered himself to death, a painful and shameful death, because of love for you and all of us… Why does Jesus make a difference? Because he is the son of God. Because HE IS alive today. He came alive after his death, with a new and glorious life. When he left the earth, he made sure his Holy Spirit would live in the men and women who would put their faith in him. You can be one of those people, .” 

Father Paul Rankin OP – Dominican Priest


What can I do right now? Invite Jesus into your life.

 OK. So how do we take the first step and find out who is Jesus to me and how can I find him?.. 

You can read my story of miraculous conversion and healing to find out how. STOP! THIS IS NOT THE WAY by Mathew Sullivan I did everything the hard way, to show how it easy it could be for you…

Or you could simply invite Jesus into your life and let go and let God take over. He will take care of the rest. He will not come unless invited. God gave us all freedom of will to choose between good and bad – God or no God, peace or struggling- so we must first make the choice to invite Jesus into our lives.

Sister John Marie, Catholic nun, is forever saying that “you don’t need to go to a Church to pray. You have a direct line to Him and He is always waiting to hear from you. Aren’t we lucky to have our faith?”

THE INVITATION- invite Jesus into your life

Here is a simple prayer that may help invite Jesus into your life.

Lord Jesus until now I have not known You. Please reveal yourself to me and no longer hide Your face from me. Help me to have faith, I know that I am a sinner, and I ask for Your forgiveness.

Lord, I do invite You into my heart.  I invite You into every situation in my life.  Please come dwell with me in my family.  Come dwell with me at work, among friends, in my hardships, during my despair, and in all things.  Help my attentiveness to You and Your will and lead me to all You have in store for my life.  Jesus, I trust in You.

Grant me final perseverance and lead me to everlasting life in Heaven. Please save us all from the evil related to coronavirus: heal us, protect us and open us to Your Divine Love. Jesus I surrender myself to You. Please now take care of everything.

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