surrender to Jesus
surrender to Jesus

the surrender prayer

The Surrender Prayer is one of the treasures of the Catholic Church. It comes from the words of Father Dolindo, who was highly inspired by Jesus to surrender all to Jesus and let him take care of everything.

Used with permission by Divine Mercy Publications.

Transformation Prayer

As introduced in my book Healed by the Grace of God: Transformation Prayer Ministry is a process that invites God in to transform the lie based beliefs that we hold about ourselves. Lie based beliefs arise when we have stressful situations, and through these, develop an untrue (lie) based perception/belief about ourselves or life in general. Lie based beliefs are the broken bits of ourselves that need healing which are the source of our pain and suffering.  It is in essence where we get "stuck". Transform and heal these lie based beliefs and the truth sets you free.

Where to learn more and begin TPM

Transformation Prayer Ministry can help everyone so anyone may benefit from this blessing of deep healing and transformation. 

This  introduction to Transformation Prayer Ministry is not a paid endorsement. I have added this to my website as it has profoundly and completely changed my life, and continues to do so. 

To learn more about Transformation Prayer Ministry and to find resources and training to begin go to 

Understanding and coping with stress

Coping and managing lifes burdens